The Laboratory Department at Shifa is one of the leading labs in the kingdom, which has embedded with ultra-modern machinery to perform routine and intricate lab investigations. The Laboratory Department is situated on the third floor of the Medical Centre. More than 1,000 tests are performed round the clock with the help of sophisticated instruments and professionally trained personnel. The laboratory has fully automated analyzers in biochemistry, hormones, hematology, and serology.

In Biochemistry & Immunology, Shifa is using some high profile machinery, which brings down the reporting time to below. Roche Cobas-6000 Integrated Chemistry and Immunology Analyzer are among them, which is high performing labs stake their reputation on quality. Mindray sal-6000 Integrated Chemistry and Immunology Analyzer is another world leader. In Hematology, Shifa is equipped with a Sysmex Xn-350 Hematology analyzer.

Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of laboratory tests for diagnosis, management, and prevention of a wide variety of diseases. Report generation is fully computerized and is available immediately.